Thunderbird Chapel, best wedding chapel in Oklahoma, attends bridal show

We just sent in our paperwork so we’ll have a booth at the February 24th Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show. We’re excited! Besides being the absolute best value and most beautiful wedding chapel or venue in the Oklahoma City – Norman metroplex we are also always striving to stay up on wedding trends. One of the best ways for us to do this is to attend bridal shows. It’s crucial for the photogs, DJ, planners, etc. to stay up on the trends, Since we’re always at the chapel hosting weddings we don’t always get to see what’s happening in the wedding business. But other vendors, like photogs, DJs planners, etc. work different venues, and they get to see what’s hot and what’s not. So our attending a bridal show is an easy way for us to catch up on what’s happening.

Obviously we also get to get our name out there in front of a bunch of brides and their attendants. Since the venue is pretty much the first thing a bride signs up for (no dates can be set until the venue is hired) we don’t really have that many brides at a bridal show who need our services. But their attendants may be going to get married someday and maybe they’ll remember that fabulous, beautiful and relatively inexpensive wedding chapel in Norman . . .

That’s our marketing plan, anyway!

From a bride’s point of view there is absolutely nothing that will save you more time than attending a nice bridal show. It’s your one chance to meet more vendors than you could possibly visit on your own.

So if you’re at the show make sure you come by our booth and say “Hello!”

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